Development trend of coating equipment for canning equipment

                                                                  With the continuous development of science and technology, new technologies, new materials and new processes a...

                                                                  2019-08-03 1947
                                                                  Reasonable use of seam welding equipment and flanging equipment in can production line

                                                                  The can production line is equipped with seam welding equipment and flanging equipment, which are prepared for...

                                                                  2019-08-03 2028
                                                                  Waste gas treatment equipment for can making machinery

                                                                  The activated carbon adsorption tower is a purification device for treating organic waste gas and odor treatme...

                                                                  2019-08-03 1906
                                                                  Historical review of canning resistance welder equipment

                                                                  The earliest empty tank body welding was tin-lead welding, which was possible to contaminate internal foods, a...

                                                                  2019-08-03 1476
                                                                  Prospects for the future development of the canning industry

                                                                  Canned storyThe origin of canned food began with the need for food preservation during the war. At the beginni...

                                                                  2019-08-03 1337
                                                                  China's canned industry transformation accelerates the degree of mechanical automation

                                                                  Throughout the development of China's canning industry, the R&D and innovation capabilities of domesti...

                                                                  2019-08-03 1343